Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday May 13, part I

The day started very early with a trip to the Kobbeduinen where the group experienced dawn on the island. Around them the birds were waking up and making themselves heard, and the rising of the sun caused the landscape to display a variation of colours and textures. (However, since yours truly was not there, there are no pictures to publish at this time.)

After breakfast at the fire station, a new trip was undertaken. Various locations that were explored during the preparatory meetings were now visited: the dunes, the bunker from WWII, and the Vredenhof cemetery.

At the edge of a natural amphitheatre in the dunes.
Peeping Jimi at the bunker

Chad explores the xylophone possibilities of the bunker, exploring new ways to produce musical sounds on a concrete structure.

Respectful discovery of the Vredenhof cemetery.

Diego photographs Vredenhof. The wreaths from Liberation Day are still at the cemetery.

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