Tuesday, 4 May 2010

April 17 meeting

During the last student meeting (April 17) before the project on Schiermonnikoog (to take place May 12-16), we discussed the ideas and concepts that came up during previous meetings and some that students sent to us later. Out of it came the framework of 'creating a new culture' on Schiermonnikoog, that has no folklore of its own.

A culture like this would be based on four themes:
- The workings of the tides.
- Nature, notably the birds.
- Life & Death, central in any culture.
- Past & Present, how do people deal now with what has happened before.

The students split up into four small working groups to think out ways of approaching these themes, maybe bringing in some of the ideas that were wrought before and perhaps introducing new ones. The results were presented by the students themselves.

The videos are big to up- and download so a little patience is required. Please note that these are preliminary results from free brainstorms. This means that they are by no means worked-out project plans for the upcoming project work on Schiermonnikoog. Plans may (and probably will) transform greatly once we get to the island and students get to working on the actual location!

Bram, René & Janneke

Diego & Sjuuls

Jon Gunnar & Jos

Jimi, Maaike & Chiel

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